Arts Reviews

A new feature – see links here:

Access abroad: 

Access for deaf and blind visitors, Musei Capitolini and Galleria Nazionale d’arte moderna, Rome, 2013

Bayeux Tapestry Museum, June 2014

Art and exhibitions: 

Evolving English at the British Library, 2010

The English Prize: The Capture of the Westmorland, Ashmolean Museum, 2012

Vermeer and Music exhibition, summer 2013 (see also visit to the Ashmolean, 2012, for a brief note on Vermeer, and the Messiah, 2012, for use of period instruments)

Kurt Jackson: River, Horniman Museum, Christmas 2014

Magna Carta, Lincoln Castle, July 2015

Magna Carta through the Ages, Society of Antiquaries, July 2015

Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy, British Library, August 2015

Magna Carta exhibitions at Durham and Hereford, August-September 2015

Magna Carta exhibitions at Temple Church, London, and Worcester Cathedral, September and November 2015


The Artist, film, 2012 – a silent film seen by someone who can now hear

Music for Deaf People:

The Farmer’s Cheese, 2010 – a musical for children with cochlear implants

The Angry Planet, Prom 30, Royal Albert Hall, 2012 – sign-interpreted

Capella Duriensis, Bristol Cathedral, 2012 – an example of musicality through beautiful phrasing

Cochlear Implant Music Workshop, Richard Reed, 2012

Handel: Messiah, BBC National Orchestra and Chorus of Wales, 2012 – sign-interpreted, use of period instruments


RSC Live: Shakespeare 400, April 2016, BBC2 – subtitles (or lack thereof)


The Railway Children, Waterloo Station, 2010 – captioned by Stagetext

The Iron Man, Graeae, 2011 – an example of accessibility through integrated theatre

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: examples of good and not-so-good examples of accessibility to performance in practice, published 2013, but looking at various dates over the years (specific mentions of good practice with their own mentions, above)

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