After two years, a couple of random things have reminded me how much of a miracle it is going from being stone deaf to having a whole hearing landscape. I went to a Jubilee service-cum-garden party yesterday (the rain held off until the end, whoo!) A number of people we knew were there, and a couple of folks I hadn’t seen for some time asked how my hearing was coming along. It seems to be the first thing people think about – but in a nice way, because they’re blown away by the difference it’s made, as much as we are.

Today I arranged to meet a colleague from a different department at the station to travel to a meeting. In the middle of railway rush hour I heard him calling my name – but I recognised his voice as well as my name, which, to be fair, stands out a bit. From the context, it couldn’t have been anybody else, but we’ve only met a handful of times. Now, instead of harking back to my old auditory memories, faded and frayed as they may be, and mostly dating from around the Silver Jubilee or a few years later at best, I’ve suddenly realised that I’m building up a new sound database to draw on, and that it’s extending beyond “the usual suspects” – family, friends, and close colleagues.

If that isn’t cause for jubilation, I don’t know what is.