Two years ago I posted about my colleagues who kept mouthing to me for some strange reason, the origins of which I have never fathomed. They’re all hearing, and they all did it because everybody else did. They all, without exception, thought it was really strange, but no-one ever questioned it. The oddest thing of all was that I had never asked anyone EVER to do it. It was quite a shock back then to see that people, far from being keen for me to hear what they sounded like, found it hard to get rid of the habit. 

Two years on, what’s changed? I went to a meeting today and someone started speaking to me in a whisper. The most senior person present told him: “The rest of us have to hear what you’re saying, you know.” Later this afternoon another colleague apologised that he still kept talking to me without a voice. I pointed out to him that I had heard him on the phone yesterday and thought: “That’s T talking in his normal voice.” He said his throat freezes and  he automatically goes down to a whisper. Yes, but this is learned behaviour that didn’t start with me, and you can unlearn it, OK? 

Some of them have got it, but most of them haven’t. And I’m getting a bit fed up with it now. It was quite hurtful to realise that people had been doing something I hadn’t asked them to do and I hadn’t been aware of, and it’s still rather hurtful to see that people keep on doing it. Don’t they want to be themselves with me?