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I’ve got a fairly big blog post coming up shortly, but for now . . . here’s a miscellany of new sounds.

We haven’t had THAT much snow recently, unlike some parts of the UK, but more is on its way shortly so I might yet get to hear, as Good King Wenceslas did, the sound of sole hitting snow deep and crisp and eeee-ven. I have yet to hear crunchcrootlement underfoot in all its glory, though I used to feel the exactitude of the crunch through my shoes and sense how different it felt in wellies or in my walking boots. Instead, a tiddly little dusting came over our part of the world and my feet went prrink, prrink, instead of crispcrunchcrispcrunch, with the occasional squeakkkslide.

Once winter sets in, it’s time to bring out the hot chocolate. You know jars of coffee and hot chocolate have foil seals? Being me, I go bash-rip with the spoon, then zzrrripp as I pull the foil top off to dig in. The Bear has a whole other methodology, preferring to take the bowl of the spoon and bishbashboo away at the foil until it gently does a sighrip and breaks by itself.

On Sunday we went to an Advent carol service. Most start in the dark and as the service progresses the lights and candles are gradually lit, moving from west to east, until the cathedral is lit up. Years ago it used to be quite scary plunged into the dark and not hearing or seeing anything for some time – and quite boring because there would be copious amounts of singing before even a single candle was lit. Ah, now I can join in and listen and feel connected and I’m looking forward to more carol-singing over the next few weeks.

On the subject of singing I heard a very distinctive piece of music on the radio the other day. Then last night I recognised it again! Whhoooooohoooo! This is the second time I’ve been able to identify a piece of music heard at random and not selected from YouTube or iTunes: the first was the National Anthem which I had heard when I was young (how we rehearsed it over and over for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee at school, which dates me as a child of the 1970s). This second one was a new single so I’d never heard it before . . . how cool is that?! Though one of my friends today told me that I shouldn’t be listening to re-formed 80s bands, but PROPER music – like XTC.

DING DONG! *chortles merrily on high*