Spiral Garden, Eden Project, July 2010. This paving in the Spiral Garden is meant to represent fossil ammonites, but it's also a reminder of the diversity of the cochlea. It's as unique to each individual as a fingerprint. © The Bear, 2010

Well, it’s back to the daily trundle on the train now that my holiday’s over. I finished late this evening and walked from work to the Valley-of-the-Pigs station to catch what was bound to be my delayed train home. My route takes me down a street parallel to the railway line, and at the point I always think of as “two minutes from the station”, I heard a loud voice. I looked around. There was nobody near enough to be heard talking around me. But I wasn’t hearing things: my little cochlea was doing just fine. It was recognisably the station announcement for the previous train floating down the street to meet me.