A friend said to me recently, before the operation: “It’s not you who will change, it’s us. You’ll see us in a whole different light.”

It’s a funny thing because I was worried about feeling different with a foreign body in my head, but as it’s healing up I think about it less and less. My ear still feels a bit uncomfortable when I lie on it, and my scar still hurts a little, but not noticeably.

One of my CI buddies has just been activated and you can see the video on her blog: http://funnyoldlife.wordpress.com/ and  her reaction to her first beeps. It was really useful to see and prepared both my husband and me for what to expect. Will I even get as far as beeps? I suspect not. Some people get nothing at all at first, and some people feel the pulses that make the beeps: my gut feeling is that that’s where I’ll be.

But I hope everyone else is going to change at some point . . .